Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Charlotte Observer's Shotgun Clinics

In the '50s and '60s the Observer hosted Father-Son Shotgun Clinics and a Teen Hunter Club. 

Reader (and former club president) Ed Black thinks these clinics were held at what is now the 
Charlotte Rifle and Pistol Club near Pineville on South 521. The club was established in 1913. (Thanks, Ed!)

'Instructor Art Hill shows youngsters how, as impatient line waits turn.'
Nov, 1959. Staff photo by Bruce Roberts.

'What's Inside - A couple of youngsters who attended last year's Teen Hunter Club found a cut-away chart showing the inside workings of a shotgun shell and rifle cartridge intriguing. The Observer's fourth annual firearms clinic for youths will be held Saturday.'
Nov, 1959. Staff photo by Don Sturkey

Nov 6, 1960

'Lock Lockhart and Prize Pump Gun.'
Nov, 1960. Staff photo.

'Stuff to Study - All youngsters attending today's Father-Son Shotgun Clinic at the Charlotte Gun Club range near Pineville will receive a packet of shooting safety material. Here a papa and son at last year's clinic leaf through their packet.'
Nov, 1961. Staff photo.

'Man, Oh, Man - wouldn't I like to win this. Joe Stafford, Phillip Stafford and Ronnie Young, left to right, look over the Remington semi-automatic shotgun which will be given away at next Saturday's fourth annual Father-Son Shotgun Clinic.
Nov, 1961. Staff photo by Joel Nichols.

'They Didn't Miss - Freddie Missildine, on the firing line, and Wilbur Baskerville, holding gun just behind, shot a perfect round of skeet during Saturday's Shotgun Clinic. But there was a good reason - both are pros. A portion of the crowd of 650 looks on.'
Nov, 1961. Staff photo by Don Sturkey.

'Sharp Shots - These Charlotte sisters, Jean Anderson (left) and Amelia Wilson, are among the certified instructors who will teach at Saturday's Teen Hunter Club firearms clinic. The two will be concerned mainly in the girls who attend.'
Oct, 1962. Staff photo.

'The Winnah! - These two youngsters, Ricky Stratton (left) and Chester Cheatwood, carted off the big loot at Saturday's Teen Hunter Club firearms clinic. Ricky won a Remington shotgun and Chester a Winchester rifle. Shown with the proud winners are their equally proud papas, Richard Stratton (left) and J.H. Cheatwood.'
Nov, 1962.  Staff photo.