Monday, February 2, 2015

Color TV, 1966

Did you watch the Big Game* on TV?

This special ad section ran in September, 1966 as national and local stations 
were making the switch to color programming.  
(Try enlarging images by clicking on them a few times)

*'Super Bowl' is a registered trademark of the NFL so I can't use it.

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'More brilliant blues!'


Anonymous said...

I still have my 1960's color TV. a 1967 Panasonic Buckingham portable model that weighs about 100 pounds. All tube and still works.

Anonymous said...

Panasonic! Love the ad, tx for commenting!

Anonymous said...

I also have an original 'clicker' a TV remote that operated without batteries. The term 'clicker' developed from these units which made a loud clicking sound to turn the TV on or off or to change channels. During the 50's and early 60's these were a luxury.

Anonymous said...

So the $269 portable would cost over $1900 today. So this among other things technology-wise are way cheaper/better today. And we never got a color set. Not until all us kids were out of the house, early 1980s.