Monday, September 15, 2014

Putt-Putt & Rheinland Haus

I know I'm stuck in the '60s lately, but I just can't get enough of the decade! 

Hope you forgive me and enjoy these ads from ... 1967.

I had no idea how long that Putt-Putt had been around!

A comedian AND a stripper!

Loved this place. (updated)


  1. Loved Rheinland Haus. I don't think it was ever in Park Road Shopping Center.

  2. Park Square Shopping Center, per the ad. Across from Red Cross, yes. Awesome place.

  3. Can we please get rid of the Federal Reserve and restore sound money so that we can enjoy $1 dinners again?

  4. Anon 8:46 - duh. I read Park Rd Shopping Center. Tx!

  5. I really miss that Putt-Putt. I have little interest in miniature golf courses that are little more than gigantic cartoon shows with a putting green thrown in like the putting green is the frivilous part. Plus, I was really good at that Putt-Putt. By the time it closed, I regularly shot about a 35. :-)

  6. To be more specific Rheinland Haus (Rhineland House) was named for western Rhineland Germany in Mecklenburg Strelitz province where Charlotte Sophia of the royal House of Duchy hailed. Sophia was selected for marriage by King George III of England in 1761. She was 17. He was 22 but the sickly type even though she had 14 children by him allegedly.

    QC was one tough broad and the only reason there was a Revolutionary War forcing KG3 to go war with the American colonist rebels after the Boston Tea Party in 1775. George was not a fighter. He was a lover. There are rumors all 14 children though were not genetically his and QC was secretly a catbird. Some say the statue at the airport permanently bent over was symbolic and no mistake. True story.


  7. Hey yo. Dont try to get too technical for this low information blog. These are not whiz kids by any stretch.

  8. Yes. Too much info, Jesus!

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  10. Way too heavy. K.I.S.S rules here.
    Silicon Valley it is not. Lets pretend its the 60s again at Waynes Roller Palace in Santa Ana in Orange Cty off the #5 doing the limbo on Saturday.

    The bar is very low. Bend backwards. Dont touch the bar ...