Friday, December 19, 2014

1930s Holiday Ads

Can you spot the ad that offers 'A beautiful, live Fox Terrier puppy' with purchase? 
I'm sure that went well...





Thursday, December 18, 2014

Woolworth Santa Claus

Roy Tittle played Santa for years at Park Road Shopping Center

Tittle was a beloved Santa Claus at Woolworth's and later Blackhawk Hardware. 

Did you sit on his lap when you were a kid? 
Did you take your own children? I still have a photo of my kids visiting him at Blackhawk.

(Address is in comments if you want to send Roy a card)

December 16, 1982/Charlotte News

'Erin Russell, 6 years old, with Santa (Roy Tittle) at Woolworth's, Park Road Shopping Center.'

'Felicia Freeman (l) and Shannon Freeman rush into Woolworth's.'
December, 1989. Tom Franklin/Staff

Woolworth Co., Park Road Shopping Center. 
January, 1992. Diedra Laird/Staff

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

1970s Holiday Ads

They're all from 1979, actually...

SouthPark Mall


Reader Susan Walker points out that this was in Myers Park, not Providence Square 
as I originally thought. Thank you!


Nice store! I went to Catholic High with the owners' kids.  



And Service Merchandise!

Did both stores have the system where you wrote down what item you wanted and it was 
sent to the front of the store on a conveyor belt? Always thought that was cool.



Apple in 1979? Really??


 Gifts for dads.


 Memorex blank cassette tapes, I remember you well.


 Press Box after high school football games! 

1940s Holiday Ads

'Solve your gift problems with fruit cake!'

(Please no, LOL!)


119 E. Fourth St is approximately at corner of Fourth and Tryon, 
where the side of Dean & DeLuca is now.

And 315 N. Tryon is where Discovery Place is now.



In the '40s Old Spice sold 'Early American Roses and Spice Toiletries' aimed at women.

This would have been south of the Observer building near intersection of 
S. Tryon and Hill Streets.

On S. Tryon near Third Street.
I didn't know there used to be a Sears there!

Monday, December 15, 2014

New Coca-Cola Bottling Plant Opens, 1931

The new Coca-Cola Bottling Plant opened on West Morehead Street on January 20, 1931, moving from its original home on S. Church.

The lovely Art Deco building still stands and is on the National Register of Historic Places - 
photo below.

(You may be able to enlarge the images by clicking on them once, twice or even three times. 
Unfortunately, scans from our very old microfilm are often hard to read. 
I hope you can at least enjoy the ads and layout as much as I did!)

Courtesy of Char-Meck Historic Landmarks Commission


(The Observer did not cover the actual opening of the plant.)