Friday, October 24, 2014

Pool Halls

The first set of photos shows that old uptown Charlotte really had some personality!

Did you ever shoot pool at The Rex?

'I wrote sports for The News in 1950-57, which meant you worked frantically from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., shot a little pool at Rex's Pool Hall then came back to work on the next day's stuff.' - Sandy Grady
'The Rex Pool Hall'
121 1/2 S. Tryon Street.
1972. Bill McCallister/Staff

'Rex Pool Hall' 
1972. Bill McCallister/Staff

'Second floor of The Rex, where pool is king...
urban renewal will break up a big family.'
1972. Bill McCalister/Staff
(I can't find clip files for The Rex, but it must have been torn down to make way for the 
Radisson/now Omni?)


'Charlottean Chris Hastings is silhouetted as he lines up a shot in Bailes Recreation Center, a part of Pineville life for more than 70 years.'
322 Main Street, Pineville
1982 Jeep Hunter/Staff

'Bill Edgerton tries a long bank shot as others watch at the Morehead Cue Lounge. Behind him are Herb Owens (left), Ronald Woodbury, Charlotte Woodbury and Bill Faile.'
919 1/2 E. Morehead Street. 
1987. Don Sturkey/Staff
(Was this in the basement of Cavalaris skating rink?) 

'The Paramount Game ... afternoon pool shooters take time to run a rack at the Paramount Pool Hall.'
L to R: Johnny Knight, Major Kemp, Bill Long
1974. Tommy Franklin/Staff
(anyone know where this was?)

'South Side Johnny's has 11 pool tables.'
1982. Don Hunter/Staff
(anyone know where this was?)

'It's afternoon and time to relax a little, maybe shoot a friendly game of pool at Amusement Crossings, a games arcade at WestPark Mall. Miesa Myrick, center, ponders her next move.
1980. Jeep Hunter/Staff

'Nathaniel McManus shoots pool at South Side Grill on S. Tryon Street near his home.'
1975. Phil Drake/Staff

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hornets, the originals!

These former Hornets are in town for BuzzFest

I hope these pix bring back memories for Reid, Gminski, Tripucka, Newman AND us fans.

'This foul by the Clippers' Danny Manning yielded a three-point play for J.R. Reid and the Hornets during a furious second-quarter comeback.'
Jan., 1990. Gary O'Brien/Staff

'L-R, Kelly Tripucka, Kurt Rambis and Robert Reid: Stars of the first season.'
Nov., 1988. Staff

'Kelly Tripucka collides with and fouls Houston's Sleepy Floyd trying to get a steal.'
Dec., 1988. Jim Gund/Staff

'Charlotte's Kelly Tripucka (7) fires a pass out of Chicago's defense played by Horace Grant (54) and Michael Jordan (23).'
Feb., 1989. Bob Leverone/Staff

 'JOHNNY ON THE SPOT: Johnny Newman of the Charlotte Hornets sails down the lane for a slam dunk against the Chicago Bulls in Friday night's NBA season opener for both teams at the Charlotte Coliseum. The Bulls won in overtime 124-123.'
Nov., '93. Bob Leverone/Staff


For some reason I can't find any photos of Gminski playing for the Hornets --- they're somewhere!

'Duke center Mike Gminski blocks a drive by UNC's Al Wood during 
action in Chapel Hill in 1980.'
1980. Scott Sharpe/Staff (News & Observer)


'New York's Patrick Ewing(33) dives on top of Charlotte's Johnny Newman (22) as Newman gets control of a loose ball in the second half.'
May, '93. Bob Leverone/Staff

'J.R. Reid celebrates two of his six early points and a Hornets lead that reached nine. In the end, Dennis Rodman and the Bulls outscrapped Charlotte.'
May, '98. Patrick Schneider/Staff

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The 85th Mallard Creek Barbecue

Some fun ads, photos and ...

... a story about a huge owl in Oehler's chicken house the week of the very first barbecue.





October, 1976

Thursday, October 24, 1929
The first J.W. Oehler had a lot going on besides the first barbecue!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Charlotte Subdivisions: 1970

   Ads for new homes in 1970 paired with newer photos and 

2011 values from Meck Co GIS. 

Westmoreland subdivision. 
'No city taxes.'

3525 Farrhill Rd. (there is no 3524)
Price in 1970: $23,670
2011 value: $128,600

1970 prices from $36,000 to $46,000

6608 Rocky Falls Rd.
2011 value: $249,800

6525 Rocky Falls Rd.
2011 value: $237,400

1114 Bearmore Dr.
2011 value: $241,700

6753 Wheeler Dr.
2011 value: $246,200


 This neighborhood is off Central Ave, between N. Sharon Amity & Kilborne.

5016 Carriage Drive
Price in 1970: $30,000
2011 value: $125,700

3915 Woodbriar Trail
Price in 1970: $24,900
2011 value: $113,300


3719 Plumgrove Cove
Price in 1970: $42,950
2011 value: $329,400


'Uptight about the Uncertain Seventies?'

6806 Fieldvale
Price in 1970: $14,950
2011 value: $51,000


1416 Worcaster Pl.
Price in 1970: $27,500
2011 value: $210,900

1518 Worcaster Pl.
Price in 1970: $28,750
2011 value: $208,200

Friday, October 17, 2014

'Souvenir' magazine

'A Bicentennial Salute to Charlotte'

In March, 1968, the Observer and News printed this magazine which included some stories
and lots of ads. Thanks to Observer graphic artist David Puckett for sharing!


The 'Heart of Charlotte' Motor Inn was located at 3815 N. Tryon Street. 
Now Hope Haven treatment facility.
The Branding Iron was at 2104 S. Blvd. There's a branch of Yadkin Valley Bank there now.

'No drink boxes more than 18 inches long permitted in Grandstand.'
Today's limit is 14".

Big Ways always had a sense of humor. 'Three years old'!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

'South of the Border'

Pedro says ...  what began as a beer stand in 1949 has grown into a 300-acre complex that includes a dozen gift shops, six restaurants, an amusement park, a motel and a campground.

South of the Border is located on Interstate 95 just across the North Carolina border in Dillon County, S.C. Just follow the signs!

'Billboard along I-95 near the N.C./S.C border.'
1989. Don Sturkey/Staff

April 1978. Staff

'South of the Border is a mammoth, sprawling tourist-trap empire built in 1949 by a legendary South Carolina entrepreneur and politician, Alan Schafer. The 350-acre tourists stop along I-95 features arcades, motels, gas stations and fireworks stands. A 200-foot tall, neon-edged sombrero is on the top of Pedro, one of the six theme restaurants there. Employing nearly 600 at peak season, the Border is the largest employer and property taxpayer in Dillon County, a rural community near the state border.'
2003. Takaaki Iwabu/Staff

  2010. Robert Willett/Staff (News & Observer) 

'Motel room.' (Yikes!)
1989. Staff.

'Hot dog shop and the Sombrero Tower in the background. The tower is 200 ft. high and ride to the top costs 50 cents.'
1989. Don Sturkey/Staff

'View from the Sombrero Tower shows a portion of the South of the Border complex with I-95 at upper left. U.S. 301 runs right through the middle of the complex.'
1989. Don Sturkey/Staff

'More than 2 million visitors stopped at Alan Schafer's South of the Border in 1980.'
Washington Post photo.

'Water tank at South of the Border has SOB on it.'
1989 Don Sturkey/Staff