Monday, June 30, 2014

Charlotte Fire Department

     1960s Charlotte Fire Department takes its fire prevention message to the streets. Thanks for all you do, CFD!

'Decked out in early 20th century style, these local firemen left Station No. 1 this morning for the Fire Prevention Week Parade which started at 11 a.m. The parade marked the end of Fire Prevention Week, which began Sunday. The firemen are (l to r) Assistant Chief H. G. Blackman, Capt. Glenn Schrum, Wade Conder and inspector J. H. Knight. The dog is Dottie, a Dalmation.' 1966. Staff photo.

'Jumper - The Charlotte Fire Department put on a jumping exhibition at the Johnston Building on S. Tryon St. yesterday at noon to help promote fire prevention week which runs through Sunday. A fireman leaped from the second floor into a net.' 1963. Staff photo.


'A Big Step...'

'In Efforts...'

'... To Promote Fire Prevention Here. These pictures are not one fireman, but three demonstrating how a fire victim would use the rescue net. The three, Bill Hartis, Gary Turner and Lee Wade, made their leap from the Johnston Building yesterday as part of the observance of Fire Prevention Week.' 1964.
Don Martin/Staff

'Where's the Fire? There wasn't one. But neither was there a false alarm. The Charlotte Fire Department and Mecklenburg volunteer fire units were just parading their equipment through downtown Charlotte Monday to celebrate National Fire Prevention Week. They didn't say anything about a national traffic jam week.' 1965
David Cupp/Staff

Fire Prevention Week parade, 1965. Staff.
Are those West Charlotte HS cheerleaders riding on the back of one of the trucks?

'Firemen use 'rescue basket' in downtown demonstration.' 1965
Don Martin/Staff

Friday, June 27, 2014

Motorhomes - a look back

   Summertime = road trip! Check out these recreational vehicles of the '60s and '70s.

    There's a  'Royal Land Yacht' in here somewhere...

'The Dodge Motor Home comes equipped with a fiberglass body, automatic transmission and power steering and power brakes. It handles easily, cruises smoothly at interstate speeds.'
Handout photo, 1965

'Bill Ross and the Jolly Green Giant that he rebuilt to make a motorhome for his family.' 1974
Tom Franklin/Staff

'Bill Ross opens the dining table, which has cabinets underneath, holds three leaves but stores compactly against the wall when not in use.' 1974.
Tom Franklin/Staff

Tracy Trigg Trailer Sales, East Independence Blvd. 1973

From a 70's Winnebago brochure. Internet. 

'$9,250 Worth of Fun 'n' Zoom. Shasta 'Royal Land Yacht' on display at Carolinas Recreational Vehicle Show. Ford 2-ton chassis, has 6-cylinder 300 cubic inch engine.' 1967
Joe Tyner/Staff

'Early Wynn ... and his $20,000 home on wheels.' 1971
Don Hunter/Staff

'Gag signs attract even more attention to mobile showroom... 'I get insulted when people refer to it as a truck; it's my home.'  1963. (No other info)
Michael Mauney/Staff

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Swim time in the '70s & '80s

   As a kid in NJ in the '70s I loved going to the local swim club:  zooming down the slide, giggling about boys and eating Jello powder from the box.  The girls had to wear bathing caps - ugh! In high school here my friends and I cooled off at Beverly Woods East,  McClintock Woods and Sharonview pools. When I had kids we belonged to Rama Road Swim Club. Where did you swim as a kid?     

 What was your favorite treat at the snack bar? I loved 'sky blue' popsicles.

Did you have to pass a swimming test, too, before you were allowed in the deep end? 

'David Woodruff, 15, does a fancy dive into Starclaire pool in the Starmount subdivision.' 1976
 Jeep Hunter/Staff

'The Baxters and their dog, Nikki, are in the swim of things.' 1979
Mark Fortenberry/Staff

'Swimming classes at Revolution Park pool.' 1983

'Lynn Ruff helps daughter Dana Marie, 4 months, cool off at Colonial Park.' 1979
Don Hunter/Staff

'Doug Maslanka, 19, top, shows his form as he takes top honors in the Belly Buster contest at the Charlotte Swim & Racquet Club, 1000 Lomax Ave. Winners received cans of soft drinks.' 1979
Mike Weinstein/Staff

'Richard Carter has been swimming at the Double Oaks Community Center Swimming Pool for nine years.' 1980
Staff photo.

'Splash: Jason Morris, 13 months, takes a tumble from the pool while his brother, Ryan Morris, 2, makes waves in the front yard of their grandmother, Deani Morris, on Ebenezer Road in Rock Hill.' 1985
J. Allen Williams/Staff

Monday, June 23, 2014

1956 'homes to fulfill your dreams'

Including some then-and-now pictures and property values.

1956 cost - $11,500

2011 value - $65,900


Crosland wants to fulfill your dreams!


1956 cost - $27,500

2011 value - $980,400



'Near multi-million dollar shopping center'?

810 Brockbank - 1956 cost = $15,780
1215 Seneca - 1956 cost = $15,960

810 Brockbank Rd. 2011 value - $203,400

1215 Seneca Place 2011 value - $192,100

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hornets' first uniforms

   Going to a Hornets game in the '80s and '90s meant wearing as much purple and teal as possible.  The whole city came together for the team! Here's a look back.

 'Charlotte Hornets Kelly Tripucka argues a call with an official during game action at the Charlotte Coliseum. Alexander Julian designed the uniform for the Charlotte Hornets that were teal with pinstripes and had pleats in the shorts.' Undated. JEFF SINER/Staff

'George Shinn has to stand on a chair to have his picture taken with 6'10" Alonzo Mourning.'
Mourning as a new Charlotte Hornet, 1992.
1992. Deidra Laird/Staff

'DEJA VU: Charlotte Hornets fans will get another opportunity to see Kendall Gill soar to the basket in a Hornets uniform. Gill was traded from Seattle to the Hornets for Hersey Hawkins and David Wingate.' With Boston's Kevin Gamble.  1995. BOB LEVERONE/Staff

Kelly Tripucka at the Charlotte Coliseum. 1988. Staff photo.
I'm guessing this is a photo illustration due to top hat in his hand. And the limo. And the chauffeur.

'New Charlotte Hornets forward Anthony Mason, left, holds his jersey up as team owner George Shinn looks on during a news conference in Charlotte, N.C., Tuesday Aug. 27, 1996. Mason was acquired from the New York Knicks with Brad Lohaus for Hornets forward Larry Johnson.' (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

'Charlotte Hornets forward Kelly Tripucka models Alexander Julian's new travel uniform for the NBA expansion team as the designer looks on during a news conference at Mickey Mantle's restaurant in New York, July 20, 1988. Julian, a North Carolina native, declined monetary payment for his work, opting instead for a monthly shipment of North Carolina barbecue.' (AP Photo/Marty Lederhandler)

  'PURPLE PASSION? The Charlotte Hornets will wear these purple uniforms for at least 12 road games next season. Replicas will be available to the public starting in November.' 1994. Gary O'Brien/Staff

Warm ups suits!
'Opening night introductions, November 4, 1988.' The first official NBA game. Charlotte Coliseum.
Jim Gund/Staff
Is that Muggsy Bogues giving a high five to Kurt Rambis? I can't make out the rest.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pro Wrestling

        In this corner... a knockout blog for all you rasslin' fans!

Who did you pull for?

What was the craziest wrestling name or gimmick you ever saw?  

Charlotte Observer ad for May 24, 1976 matches.

 Lex Luger, Arn Anderson, and longtime NWA ref Tommy Young.

'Lord Littlebrook in Midget Bout.' 1969 handout

Ad for May 24, 1976 matches. There's Lord Littlebrook!

'Dusty and Tully: Dusty Rhodes tries to drag Tully Blanchard out for a little action beyond the ring during a match at the Charlotte Coliseum.' 1985. Diedra Laird/Staff

Mt. Fuji and Americana of GLOW.
(thanks to commenters for info!)

'Wrestler Beautfiul Bobby all decked out.' 1986
Will Parrish/Staff

'Beautiful Bobby, Big Bubba Rogers, Jim Cornette, and Sweet Stan.' (Midnight Express). 1988
Mark Sluder/Staff

'Tony Schiavone interviews wrestler Magnum T.A. for Atlanta's WTBS.' 1985
Woody Smith/Staff