Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Swim time in the '70s & '80s

   As a kid in NJ in the '70s I loved going to the local swim club:  zooming down the slide, giggling about boys and eating Jello powder from the box.  The girls had to wear bathing caps - ugh! In high school here my friends and I cooled off at Beverly Woods East,  McClintock Woods and Sharonview pools. When I had kids we belonged to Rama Road Swim Club. Where did you swim as a kid?     

 What was your favorite treat at the snack bar? I loved 'sky blue' popsicles.

Did you have to pass a swimming test, too, before you were allowed in the deep end? 

'David Woodruff, 15, does a fancy dive into Starclaire pool in the Starmount subdivision.' 1976
 Jeep Hunter/Staff

'The Baxters and their dog, Nikki, are in the swim of things.' 1979
Mark Fortenberry/Staff

'Swimming classes at Revolution Park pool.' 1983

'Lynn Ruff helps daughter Dana Marie, 4 months, cool off at Colonial Park.' 1979
Don Hunter/Staff

'Doug Maslanka, 19, top, shows his form as he takes top honors in the Belly Buster contest at the Charlotte Swim & Racquet Club, 1000 Lomax Ave. Winners received cans of soft drinks.' 1979
Mike Weinstein/Staff

'Richard Carter has been swimming at the Double Oaks Community Center Swimming Pool for nine years.' 1980
Staff photo.

'Splash: Jason Morris, 13 months, takes a tumble from the pool while his brother, Ryan Morris, 2, makes waves in the front yard of their grandmother, Deani Morris, on Ebenezer Road in Rock Hill.' 1985
J. Allen Williams/Staff


Anonymous said...

I spent almost every day of summer at our community pool. We did not take a test to swim in the deep end. (including a low and high dive!) When there was a storm, we all just gathered under the shelter. The pool was open until 9pm with lights in it, which I loved swimming at night. My favorite snack was Lance Gold-N-Cheese from the snack machine. Thanks for sharing these cool pics.

Anonymous said...

My cousins lived in Matthews, and I spent hours with them at Sustar's pool (aka Matthews Country Club) on Sam Newell Rd. I did more wading and poolside preening than swimming---at age 16, I wanted to keep my blue waterproof mascara in perfect condition for flirting with any boys I might meet there.

Anonymous said...

Just FYI, The Starclair pool in the Starmount neighborhood (in the first picture) is still operational and in service as a community pool, it's the oldest community pool still in operation in Charlotte. It's been around for 50+ years now, and now the Grandchildren of kids who grew up swimming there are using it every summer.

Maria David said...

Anons - I love these comments! Gold-N-Cheese, blue mascara and grandchildren. I live in Matthews and remember the pool on Sam Newell before it was replaced w/mixed use development. I'm told the water came from a natural spring?

Sean Murphy said...

There were a ton of old photos (dating back to the early 60's) that were gathered for the Starclair anniversary party, I'm seeing if we can't get you copies for your records as well.

Anonymous said...

I recall hearing Sustar's pool had a sand bottom at one time, but I don't remember whether the water flowed from a natural spring. The Matthews Heritage Museum has a photo exhibit about Sustar's earlier decades.

Anonymous said...

I learned to swim at Charlotte Swim & Racquet Club. Those were the times. I use to be terrified of the high diving board at the time and remember jumping off it the very first time. What a great pool.

Maria David said...

Sean Murphy - that'd be great!
Anon 3:58 - haven't been to the museum yet!
Anon 4:14 - the thrill of being a kid!

Caroline Portillo said...

I loved Fun Dip and hot pretzels! P.S. Maria, this blog is the best.

Anonymous said...

Those were still some great times on the edge of the sicko pc age when boys were boys and girls were girls unlike today and the ignorant hetero phobic socialist crap America has been turned into by these liberal homos and same sex perverts.

karen said...

This is so crazy! Lynn Ruff was my Kindergarten teacher!

Anonymous said...

No photos available from Cordelia Park pool?

Anonymous said...

everything in black and white ?

didnt they have color ?

Scott Fisher said...

We were members at the Charlotte Swim and Racquet Club. Learned to Swim and Play tennis their. I think that I was there every day during the summer from 1970 through 1979. Mom would give me a Quarter for snack after Tennis Lessons and I would get a Mountain Dew and a pack of Lance Nekote crackers out of the vending machine.

Anonymous said...

What about suttles? That was a classic... Suttles puddle!