Monday, June 30, 2014

Charlotte Fire Department

     1960s Charlotte Fire Department takes its fire prevention message to the streets. Thanks for all you do, CFD!

'Decked out in early 20th century style, these local firemen left Station No. 1 this morning for the Fire Prevention Week Parade which started at 11 a.m. The parade marked the end of Fire Prevention Week, which began Sunday. The firemen are (l to r) Assistant Chief H. G. Blackman, Capt. Glenn Schrum, Wade Conder and inspector J. H. Knight. The dog is Dottie, a Dalmation.' 1966. Staff photo.

'Jumper - The Charlotte Fire Department put on a jumping exhibition at the Johnston Building on S. Tryon St. yesterday at noon to help promote fire prevention week which runs through Sunday. A fireman leaped from the second floor into a net.' 1963. Staff photo.


'A Big Step...'

'In Efforts...'

'... To Promote Fire Prevention Here. These pictures are not one fireman, but three demonstrating how a fire victim would use the rescue net. The three, Bill Hartis, Gary Turner and Lee Wade, made their leap from the Johnston Building yesterday as part of the observance of Fire Prevention Week.' 1964.
Don Martin/Staff

'Where's the Fire? There wasn't one. But neither was there a false alarm. The Charlotte Fire Department and Mecklenburg volunteer fire units were just parading their equipment through downtown Charlotte Monday to celebrate National Fire Prevention Week. They didn't say anything about a national traffic jam week.' 1965
David Cupp/Staff

Fire Prevention Week parade, 1965. Staff.
Are those West Charlotte HS cheerleaders riding on the back of one of the trucks?

'Firemen use 'rescue basket' in downtown demonstration.' 1965
Don Martin/Staff


Jonathan Blackmon said...

Not that this matters much, but just for the sake of accuracy, I'm fairly confident that the assistant chief in the first photo is my grandfather, Herbert E. Blackmon. I don't know the exact dates when he was assistant fire chief, but it was around that time, and the photo looks just like him.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan - I love it when folks recognize someone in a picture! I'll bet you're right about it being your grandfather. I'm grabbing captions off the back of the photos and they're not always accurate. - M

Anonymous said...

Can you tell us the location or what occupies the former locations of the Johnston Building and the Independence Building?

C. Lee Abernethy III said...

That is Chief Herb Blackmon and the man in the suite and hat is Chief Walter J. Black. Both were still with the Department when I went to work in 1968.
C. Lee Abernethy III

Anonymous said...

Lee, that is correct, and Herb went on to become a Methodist Minister and served for many years at Blair Road United Methodist Church, a church he helped found.

Anonymous said...

The Johnston building is still here at 212 S. Tryon. The Independence Building was on the Northwest corner of the Squareand was imploded in 1981.

Fran Adams said...

I too remember Chief Black & Asst. Chief Blackman as I was working as a secretary at the downtown Fire Station during that time. They were fun and and wonderful folks!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:45 - tx for the Johnston/Independence Bldg updates! I gotta remember to do that in the future.

Anonymous said...

Sure, Maria--- on the Johnston and Independence Buildings. Enjoying your show!