Friday, June 27, 2014

Motorhomes - a look back

   Summertime = road trip! Check out these recreational vehicles of the '60s and '70s.

    There's a  'Royal Land Yacht' in here somewhere...

'The Dodge Motor Home comes equipped with a fiberglass body, automatic transmission and power steering and power brakes. It handles easily, cruises smoothly at interstate speeds.'
Handout photo, 1965

'Bill Ross and the Jolly Green Giant that he rebuilt to make a motorhome for his family.' 1974
Tom Franklin/Staff

'Bill Ross opens the dining table, which has cabinets underneath, holds three leaves but stores compactly against the wall when not in use.' 1974.
Tom Franklin/Staff

Tracy Trigg Trailer Sales, East Independence Blvd. 1973

From a 70's Winnebago brochure. Internet. 

'$9,250 Worth of Fun 'n' Zoom. Shasta 'Royal Land Yacht' on display at Carolinas Recreational Vehicle Show. Ford 2-ton chassis, has 6-cylinder 300 cubic inch engine.' 1967
Joe Tyner/Staff

'Early Wynn ... and his $20,000 home on wheels.' 1971
Don Hunter/Staff

'Gag signs attract even more attention to mobile showroom... 'I get insulted when people refer to it as a truck; it's my home.'  1963. (No other info)
Michael Mauney/Staff


Anonymous said...

The motor home is alive and well. Other than trips to national park camp grounds any NASCAR race perimeter confirms this from Daytona Beach to Dallas-Ft Worth, Las Vegas,Phoenix to Northern and Southern California to Detroit or the Pennsylvania Poconos to Watkins Glen NY, New Hampshire, Delaware coaslinet and back down to Virginia, Charlotte, Atlanta, Alabama and Dade County Florida.

An estimated 50,000 units per race crisscross the nation 43 times from Feb - Nov in their 50k-500k dollar lux homes on wheels setting up before each race. Every driver owns one for his family at each race. Great family or retirement fun traveling and seeing America.
Its a little costly but well worth the money meeing real nice folks of heartland Americana.

Daytona Beach HQ

Anonymous said...

Anon - tx for all the info. When I win the lottery I'm going to buy an RV! And you gave me the idea to do a blog about motorhomes at Clt Motor Speedway.

Slarty Melger said...

I've always wanted to go on a cross country trip in a motor home. We're retiring soon (me and my wife) and it just might be the first thing we'll do. I hope we don't have to experience any unexpected repairs.

Anonymous said...

Slarty - happy trails! Tx for reading. Maria