Monday, June 16, 2014

Play Ball! Crockett Park

    The Charlotte O's, a Class AA Southern League affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles, played at Crockett Park from 1976 until the stadium burned in 1985.  

   I tried out to be an O's batgirl in 1980 but they didn't pick me. Felt like I was back in sixth grade gym class...

'Crockett Park is all lit up for a night home game on Aug 31, 1984.'
Fred Wilson/Staff

Frances Crockett, owner and general manager, 1980.
Staff photo

'Cal Ripken Jr. with the Charlotte O's.' 1980

'Crockett Park is packed with fans during an O's Southern League baseball game on June 9, 1980.'
Don Hunter/Staff

Aerial view, 1984.
Mark Sluder/Staff

'Fans watch a game at Crockett Park on June 23, 1982.'
Davie Hinshaw/Staff

April, 1988.
Staff photo.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I remember the night it burned down. I was in the 5th grade and we had gone to see a play at Spirit Square. We thought every fire truck in Charlotte had passed us going to fight the fire.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:10 - the fire seems to be one of those events where folks remember where they were when it happened. It was a great old park!

David said...

It's great to see the old photos. I remember Crocket Park very well, and also going back to the Charlotte Hornets when they called it Griffith Park. I have a question though: How far back does your collection go? Do you have any images of the other old ballpark Wearn Field(1908-1940). I looked at a lot of old Charlotte Observers on microfilm several years ago at the library and there were photos of Wearn Field but obviously very grainy on microfilm. That included some additional photos of Babe Ruth in addition to the one posted here earlier.

Anonymous said...

David - thanks for the comment! The digitized photos go back to the '60s with only a few exceptions. Some of the '20s microfilm is searchable... maybe I'll look for a good shot of Wearn Field (which I've never heard of!).

Curmudgeon said...

Can't believe there weren't some awesome fire photos in the files.
That would've been the way to end this series.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Curmudgeon - wish the pix were 100% searchable. They're not ... yet!

Anonymous said...

Hope someone has notified the Crockett's that you are publishing pictures of their property and family considering it was their personal loss.I read in the Dilworth Quarterly they lost everything in the fire. Even though they are Observer photo's seems like the right thing to do. This is an old and respected family. I read they are grieving their loss for the first time. Your intentions may be good but you may not have any idea the grief this family is enduring now. One of the daughters has been searching for their history.Now you are using their idea and turning it public. Dilworth Quarterly proves it. Not good.

Anonymous said...

After about 20 years I'm sure the grief has subsided. If memory serves, I believe Jim Crockett Promotions was going strong at the time and was still bringing in some dough. Not to mention the park was surely insured to the hilt. So, simmer down.