Monday, February 16, 2015

Fascinating 1915

 Charlotteans were talking about the Oasis Patrol Band and 

President Wilson's second marriage.

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I KNOW I've seen this house. Anyone know where in Myers Park it is?

I've heard of sleeping porches but this is ridiculous.

I imagine that J. Arthur Henderson didn't want a dad-blamed car in the first place. I bet his wife talked him into it, LOL!

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Dec. 18, 1915: President Woodrow Wilson marries Edith Galt in Washington, D.C. The bride was 43 and the groom was 59. It was the second marriage for Wilson, whose first wife died the year before from a kidney ailment. Edith, who claimed to be directly descended from Pocahantas, was the wealthy widow of a jewelry-store owner and a member of Washington high society. -


Anonymous said...

Good looking Myers Park home for 9500 with a fireplace in each room plus outdoor well and outhouse plumbing in the back for male and female no doubt.

No clutter of ominous treacherous looking deadly 50 foot cold monstrous oak trees on all sides blocking out views or darkening the warm sunshine and Carolina blue skies. Yikez.