Monday, April 28, 2014

'Girl Watching Season'

Photos from the '60s & '70s when guys didn't have to hide it

   A colleague of mine loves this time of year  -- he says it's the start of Girl Watching Season. 
See below -- the first cutline is hysterical!

Every day around lunch time many Charlotte businessmen take time to participate in the international sport of girl watching. The scenery is great, they agree, whether blonde, brunette or redhead. Here Mrs. Kay Jackson turns heads as she walks past the local girl watchers' roost on Tryon St. - 1969

Observer photographer Bill McCallister caught these construction workers' expressions as
they caught sight of a shapely female passing. The boys were breaking for lunch
while working on the new Northwestern Bank building. 1971.

"I think Charlotte has the best looking women in the United States." - 1969

Bobby Green of Blythe Bros. Co. does his own brand of girl-watching in 
the 100 block of E. Fifth St. - 1972

These two probably ran with a story about "decorated knees." 
Charlotte News reporter Pam Hawkins is featured.

At the Charlottetown Mall, Pam sat down as if waiting for someone and immediately drew 
a crowd of knee inspectors. People may not notice anyone on the streets of New York, 
but they certainly do in Charlotte. - 1966

(Charlotte) News reporter Pam Hawkins strolls up Tryon Street in short skirt and decorated knees. The newest fashion fad brings titters from the two gentlemen she's just passed.

Standing guard at Bethesda Naval Hospital where President Nixon is recovering from pneumonia isn't entirely a matter of turning back undesirables. Here Marine Pfc. R. R. Cluster of Grants Pass, Ore, is distracted enough by passing scenery to interrupt a guardlike stance.  July, '73, Clt News. 


Anonymous said...

They're raking some guy over the coals today about racist comments he made in a private personal conversation, and the Observer is publishing blatantly sexist photos of guys looking up women's skirts on the sidewalks of Charlotte. Where exactly is the line of political correctness, and how do you keep from crossing it?

Anonymous said...

I think the line has something to do with whether it happened 45 years ago or last weekend.

Anonymous said...

Reread the byline "Photos from 1969. The Observer would never do this today."

You just did! They just weren't current photos.

Anonymous said...

Not much different than running photo's of redneck urban girls sporting ugly tattoos in the "Party Pix" section.

Anonymous said...

Decorated knees? I don't get it.

Maria David said...

Anon- Observer restaurant critic Helen Schwab sent me this re: decorated knees. (it was new to me, too!)
From a May 1966 Kansas City Star story : Surprise at Dior's
The shortness of skirts at Dior's was a
bit of a shock and while he did not go as far as some of the
ready-to-wear houses, it seemed mighty short for Dior, from just above
the knee to two or four inches above... It is only a logical extension
of the fad for short skirts that has brought in decorated knees. It is
rumored that lipstick and mascara were first used to cover the legs
with hieroglyphics. And cosmeticians have hurried to make use of this
opportunity, with special products. But young girls and others not so
young have found it handy to use the talents of a friend who is gifted
in designing. And each can design according to her temperament,
perhaps flowers or butterflies for those who prefer country life,
musical script for the addicts of jazz or classic tones. Those who
want to show that their heart is already engaged are not forgotten.
"Going steady" is shown by a pair of clasped hands as warning sign.
Monograms are the conservative designs.

Anonymous said...

If complaining about this is all you have to worry about, you are richly blessed. 16 people died in tornadoes last night. Why don't you people get some perspective.