Sunday, January 18, 2015

Martin Luther King Jr. in Charlotte, 1966

Security was tight when Dr. King came to speak at JCSU in 1966.

Read more about what he said and security measures put in place to protect him.

Charlotte Observer, September 22, 1966


Charlotte News, September 20, 1966


                                                    Charlotte Observer, September 22, 1966


Anonymous said...

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MLK would have quickly become the #1 villain of pagan muslims and sodomite homo perverts whom he flatly rejected but also DC liberal socialists power mongers with their media trolls and Hollywood tools.

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ML King did not want a liberal socialist society for America or his black race and he rejected pagan islam as a hideous scourge in the same way he rejected sodomites or sodomite marriage.

King would been a conservative Republican has he not been killed by the federal liberal socialist Marxist crowd in DC but only after they were finished squeezing and using him as their own power play gimmick in the name of peace.
His assassin was a hired gun convict who got caught and took the fall. King would have rejected Obama as an impostor elitist phony liberal socialist homo promoter using the black race as their tool to make trillions and destroy them in the process.


Anonymous said...

Dream on, right-wing crazy person!

Joseph Jimenez said...

Wonderful piece. Check out a Charlotte events calendar I found.