Monday, January 26, 2015

Myers Park: 'Room to run and romp and play'

Ads for the new 'Myers Park' development ran almost daily in 1917 Charlotte Observers.

They aimed at a wide audience as you'll see: established families and young mothers, folks looking for a bungalow and and those wanting a large home.

(Wish I could've gotten in on the ground-floor of this venture!)

Want more Myers Park?


Anonymous said...

Neat finds. I like the telephone #s(?) at the bottom..

Sarah, can you get me the diner

Anonymous said...

In spire of a lack of natural scenery like rivers mountains or oceans these areas and the city looked so much better without massive monstrous oak trees that costs city taxpayers billions to trim or cut down that destroy sidewalks streets plus fall on homes killing people costing insurance carriers mega billions not to mention killing drivers when they fall. What a menace.

Many cities went to dwarf oak trees ages ago to save billions. Eleanor Roosevelt started all that crap way back in DC. Never to late to cut them all down and plant oaks that grow 25% that size.

Anonymous said...

Reads like another commenter has a fear of deciduous trees and either wants to have a house (1) in a clear cut lot or (2) in Arizona or New Mexico where there aren't any trees.

Anonymous said...

tree hater @11:28. who the hell hates trees?