Friday, May 23, 2014

A patio kind of weekend

     I spend a LOT of time on the deck (built over top of a tiny old patio) and the forecast is spectacular! What will you be doing this long weekend? Hope y'all enjoy these retro pics of 'outdoor living.'  

1984. 'Basket chairs and glass-topped patio table. New woven vinyl fabrics allow wide, bold stripes in outdoor seat cushions.'

1971. 'Mr. Van Fossen and son Kirk check tomatoes and other vegetables... whole family helped lay bricks, then swept sand in between cracks to stabilize and settle bricks.' 
- Phil Drake/Staff

1971. 'Family enjoys most meals ourdoors during warm months of the year. Leigh with her parents are on terrace adjacent to back of house with vegetable garden border.
- Phil Drake/Staff

1964. 'Easy living in an informal setting of high visual interest is the guiding concept for many of today's quality houses.'

 1984. 'Canopy table and chairs is practical project.'

1984. 'An easy-to-assemble PVC lounger.'

1979. No info, but it looks like another do-it-yourself project!

1964. 'Marble patio overlooks wooded yard, sparkling lake.' 
Wonder where this is?


Rodney Winerson said...

Love your patio photos. These are the kind of places I could see myself taking a nap. That chair made of, what looks like PVC pipe, is very cool looking. I should make something like that for my patio.