Friday, May 9, 2014

Time Capsules - Looking Back

    As Park Road Shopping Center prepares to unearth a time capsule buried in 1964 at Park Terrace Theatre (now Regal Park Terrace) let's take a look at some capsules of the past.

Park Road Shopping Center/Regal Park Terrace.  
-Park Road Shopping Center Facebook photo

M.D. Ford stands in front of the chimney built of fieldstone in 1935 at the Boy Scouts' Camp Cabarrus. The gap in the chimney shows where Scouts 75 years ago tucked a time capsule. 2010. 
- Lisa Thornton

May, 2001. As Lewis Walker, Principal of Myers Park Traditional School at the time the time capsule was buried in 1976, looks on standing in rear, John Mark (back), Regional Property manager for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, and Johnny King of Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools (front), lift the red, white and blue time capsule out of the ground after a backhoe loosened it during ceremonies Sunday.  Myers Park Traditional Elementary school celebrated the U.S. Bicentennial by burying a time capsule. - DIEDRA LAIRD/staff

May, 2001. Detail of some of the articles and schoolwork found in the time capsule buried by Myers Park Traditional School and put on display afterwards.  - DIEDRA LAIRD/staff

2000. Trustees of Union County's Macedonia Church opened a time capsule placed in the church's cornerstone in 1959. Wayne Mangum, right is ready to catch anything that might roll out, and Marvin Medlin dumps the contents. Harold Williams, left, and pastor Robert Latta, right, look on. 

2000. Dan Blackmon, retired York Tech machine tool department manager (right) and York Technical College 1966 graduate David Crawford of Gastonia (left) struggle to remove a 1966 Sears catalog from a 1966 time capsule at the Rock Hill school Thursday morning during a ceremony and ground breaking for a 20,000 square foot expansion. - LAYNE BAILEY/STAFF

2000. A 1966 Sears summer catalog was one of the items removed from a 1966 time capsule that was opened at York Technical College during a ceremony celebrating the school's success and future expansion. - LAYNE BAILEY/STAFF

1997.  Jimmy Barton, 57, of Lancaster (right) looks through some items pulled out of a 1902 time capsule that was found during the renovations of the old Masonic lodge at 107 Main St. 

1999. Member of St. Mark's Lutheran Church holds a 1885 silver dollar that was found in an 1885 time capsule that were unearthed during the church's recent renovation project. Two capsules that date from 1920 and 1885 were opened and the contents displayed before members of the church. - Staff

1999. Natalie Howarth, 6, holds up a Book of Worship that she took out of a time capsule from St. Mark's Lutheran Church on Sunday. Two time capsules, from 1885 and 1920, were unearthed during the church's recent renovation project. Two capsules that date from 1920 and 1885 were opened and the contents displayed before members of the church. - Staff

Contents of the capsules: 

1920 * A 1901 copy of the Revised Version Bible. * Thirty pages of the Sunday, March 7, 1920, issue of The Charlotte News. Cost: 5 cents. * A 1918 directory of members, which includes a photo of the pastor wearing a wide white tab-style clerical collar. * A handwritten history of the church by the Rev. John Crigler. * An Army/Navy Service Book. * A March 1920 issue of the Augsburg Sunday School Teacher. * The Sept. 24, 1920, issue of The Workman newspaper. * A copy of Martin Luther's small catechism. * A March-May 1920 issue of Luther League Topics. * The Feb. 12, 1920, issue of The Lutheran newspaper (Today this is a monthly magazine). * A 1917 copy of the Book of Worship. * A February 1920 issue of Luther League Review. * A fund-raising flier given to children to sell bricks to the church building for 10 cents a piece. * A January 1920 issue of The Foreign Missionary. 

1885 * An 1885 silver dollar. * An 1885 Book of Worship. * An 1885 issue of The Lutheran Visitor newsletter. * The Oct. 30, 1885, issue of The Lutheran Observer newspaper with a woodcut of Martin Luther on the front page. * An 1875 copy of the King James Version of the Bible. * A copy of the minutes from the N.C. Synod meeting. * The names of the nine children who contributed to the laying of the cornerstone. * A list of the members of the congregation and church council. * A copy of the church constitution.


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