Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Promo pix of musical groups, '60s-'80s

   The media calls these 'handouts'. I call them hysterical. 

The hair! The clothes! The drama!

1985. 'Members of rock band Queen from left to right are Roger Taylor, Brian May, Freddie Mercury and John Deacon December 1985.' - AP

 1965. 'Modern Minstrels - 'The Hullabaloos, a quartet of singers from Hull, England, make their third appearance tonight on 'Hullabaloo' over Channel 36. '

1970. 'Herman's Hermits sing some of their hits as stars of 'Hold on!', a rollicking musical comedy on 'The CBS Friday Night Movies' in color on the CBS Television Network. (rebroadcast)' 

 1982. 'America'

April 27,  1978. 'Earth, Wind and Fire performs with Natalie Cole on her musical special tonight at 10 on Channel 3.'

 1983. 'The Eurythmics'

 Dec. 15, 1978. 'The Doobie Brothers will appear in concert at 8 p.m. Sunday at the Coliseum. Tickets are $6.50 limited advance, $7 when those are gone, available at the coliseum box office.'

 1972. 'The Dingaling Sisters'. (Part of 'The Golddiggers' who were featured on 'The Dean Martin Show.')

 1983. 'Def Leppard'

August, 1981. 'Bill Pinckney and the Original Drifters to perform at Ira G's this weekend.'

 1972. 'The Partridge Family'

1987. 'Journey'


KB said...

The "good old days" ! scary thought, what we are living thru now someday will be someone's "good old days" ! KarenB in central Florida (First Grad. Class Garinger - 1960)

Maria David said...

KB - Garinger Class of '60!? You've really seen it all!

James Edgar said...

$6.50 for a Doobie Brothers concert? Imagine going on StubHub and trying to find a Jennifer Hudson or Miley Cyrus ticket for that.

Of course, my $45K job probably paid $9K in 1978.

Maria David said...

James Edgar - those were the days, right? I remember seeing 3 bands for that price in the '70s. And being able to buy tix at the Coliseum box office -- no service fees. Miss those days!

Anonymous said...

OMG first one is Queen.... earlier shots they had better hair!

we were throwing razor blades on stage at Freddie with this look..

one appearance in charlotte...what a great show.....

i actually help orgainize their American convention every year...

Gary Brown said...

I saw the Doobies at App State 1972..$3.00. They had just released the Toulouse Street album!

Lex Alexander said...

Queen also performed at the old Charlotte Coliseum (now Bojangles Arena) in the summer of '79 or '80. I remember the concert program saying that the band normally toured the U.S. during the winter and that this was their first warm-weather U.S. tour. Helluva show. I walked out of their convinced that Brian May was the best guitarist on the planet. I'm still not entirely convinced he isn't.

Lex Alexander said...


Anonymous said...

yes Lex that was Queen's only Charlotte show ever Dakota opened for them...... what that man can do with his Red Special is amazing..... atill gives me chills to this day....

iron eagle