Friday, May 30, 2014

Carowinds -- back in time!

... where you can have one foot in SC and one in NC. While eating cotton candy. And having your picture taken with a gigantic Snoopy mascot.

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1986. Thunder Road at Carowinds. - Diedra Laird/Staff

1984. A Smurf house in the Smurf Village.

1973. 'Carowinds founder E. Pat Hall says hello to Miss Vicki, a 'petting size' African Elephant who resided in the Carowinds petting zoo at park opening in 1973.' -Wilton Abel
**isn't that Fred Kirby in the cowboy hat??**

July 4, 1980.

'One of Carowinds original attractions, the Powder Keg Flume, continues to thrill visitors today.' - Undated. - Wilton Abel 

1981. 'Carowinds entertainer Rufus the Rainmaker whoops it up for a sudden shower this week. After going through his spiel, Rufus scores with a sprinkle from an overhead garden house.' - Robert Jones/Staff

1973. 'This double-decker carousel, complete with pipe organ and drums, was purchased from Pennsylvania and was the only one of its kind in the world. The carousel operated at Carowinds for only one season and was removed in 1974 and donated to the town of Dreieich, Germany.'

1978 Paladium schedule.

1983. Carowinds entrance. 
What was the name of the ride sticking up behind the building? 
It had the Eastern Airlines logo on it. Is that still there?


Reader photos

From Wes: 1973, first trip to Carowinds. (Wes is in the stroller.)


Anonymous said...

Remember the old TV commercial about Carowinds? About a 'mountain boy who spent the day at Carowinds'...

Maria David said...

Anon - I don't remember that old ad! In fact I looked around for an old Carowinds slogan, etc without luck. Tx!

The Westate said...

Yep that's Fred Kirby!

The Westate said...

Also the Powder Keg Flume was removed to make way for Intimidator.

The Westate said...

Carolina Skytower is still there (the ride with Eastern Airlines).

One of the original rides to the park.

Lex Alexander said...

I worked there 1976-78, and I remember how godawful crowded the park was for Frankie Valli. I think '76 was also the year the Doobie Bros. played the Palladium, backed up by the Memphis Horns. Great show.

Jamie J said...

I loved Smurf village! I worked there also in 96 and 97 while at Winthrop. That park would be sooooo hot but that check was good! Lol. I also saw the late Aaliyah, Blackstreet and R.Kelly in concert at the Palladium.