Saturday, August 16, 2014

Elvis Presley, RIP

The King of Rock and Roll died on August 16, 1977.

How did Charlotteans react to the news that the king of rock and roll was dead? 

A lot of us went to Record Bar and Ernie's to buy his albums.

    Do you remember hearing the news? My friend Amy walked through our back yards and told me - we were in high school.

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'Elvis Presley performing at his first show at the Charlotte Coliseum (now the Bojangles Arena) on June 26, 1956. He was well known nationally by this time although an older security guard refused to let him in a backstage side door because he didn't recognize the star of the show.'
Don Sturkey/Staff

'As he nervously bites on his nails, Elvis listens intently to a question by a reporter in one of the dressing rooms at the Carolina Theater on North Tryon Street. The date was February 10, 1956. The dressing room was spartan and lit with one 60 watt bulb. Elvis Elvis was appearing with country stars like Mother Maybelle and the Carter Sisters. When asked what he would most like to do next in show business he answered, 'Make a movie.' '
Don Sturkey/Staff


Anonymous said...

Yea we know Presley is long worn out commercial stuff as bad as Stairway to Heaven or Free Bird ... but Presley is the all time top record seller at 100 million and going strong.

James Brown called him the hardest working dead man in show business in 1979.

Elvis: The Complete Documentary
55 minutes

Speedway original trailer June 1968

Hollywood came for his 1968 "Speedway" racing film based at Charlotte Motor Speedway
co-starring Nancy Sinatra and Bill Bixby.
Same venue as August Jam 1974.

Club singing scenes filmed at the old Rooster Tail nite club at Freedom and Tuckaseegee.


Maria David said...

Larry- nice!

Anonymous said...

I remember where I was when I heard of his surprising death. Cleaning my room at age 15 and it came over the radio. My parents, who were also home, and I were shocked!

Anonymous said...

I was 16. I had just gotten my license and it was a rare day when I was going to get to drive. I heard it on the car radio on the way to the pool. ... I'm a bigger Elvis fan now than I was back then. It surprised me how much his life and death had touched so many people. I was so young.

Anonymous said...

Presley was a good conservative hetero male who despised liberal democrat homosexuals pedophiles bestiality etc and voted for a great president named Richard Nixon 2 times who was hounded out by sicko liberals.
Nixon had Presley in the White House several times to congratulate his great success.

In spite of his drug use that was only for performance endurance he was raised and remained a staunch conservative christan who was part jewish on his maternal side.