Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mountainbrook's 'Echo Home' 1960

'The 1960 Echo Research Home ... is as modern as its satellite namesake now circling the earth.'

   This $45,000 'jet-age masterpiece' has a spanking new irrigation system which stays hidden until turned on when 'pressure raises the sprayer heads about an inch and a half and 'rain' begins spraying on the lawn.' Also, plastic-coated paneling.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom for a recent photo of the house!


3429 Mountainbrook Road. GIS photo.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love Mountainbrook. It has great, rolling topography and McMullen Creek flowing through it (hence the name, I guess.)

George Goodyear was the first developer and those early houses are true mid-century moderns. But later houses are more traditional.

Either style, it's a very pretty neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Not to sound snobbish but we always liked the exquisite hidden beauty and architecture of Hidden Valley, Cherry, or even Clanton Park especially in modern times. There are tons of other lovely hoods but space is limited.

Other than cockroache,s rodents, or junk cars in the front yard, bald spots in the over grown lawns, trash everywhere, peeling paint rotten wood, overgrown bushes and seedy gang bangers or drug dealers or criminal lurking these are extremely desirable hoodie homes for the newly arriving incoming influx flood of illegal aliens looking for starter homes at good cash prices all promoted by democrats local state and national and mainly our beloved president.
Stay tuned. These homes are entering the market getting more and more numerous as 1000s of up for sale in the city all areas and prices are declining rapidly as we speak.
Within a few years we plan to have Myers Park, Dilworth Southpark and Lake Wylie at cheap affordable Detroit prices too.
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rhonda said...

Anon from 8/18 7:43 am -
What is the point of your comment? It seems to have no relevance to this blog post and serves only for you to push your agenda.
If you insist on making such a ridiculous comment you could at least post under your actual identity and not remain anonymous.