Friday, August 22, 2014

Yard work. Some things never change.

Unless you have a lawn service (lucky!) yard work is a part of having a home.

I try the mow my grass after work on Fridays so it's done...

'The Lawn Ranger: Sparky the dog supervises from behind the fence as his master, Rick Combs, mows the grass at their Dickens Avenue home.'
1984. Wes Bobbitt/Staff

'Hot Weather Work: Springtime may bring warm weather, but it also brings warm-weather chores. William Ashford takes care of one of those chores by trimming the hedge next to his home on 4th Street recently.'
1985. Nancy Andrews/Staff

'There's no point in making something more work than necessary. At least that seems to be the philosophy of Nell Sherer. She's watering her yard on Eden Terrace in Rock Hill, but she pulled up a chair so she would be more comfortable.'
1981. Diedra Laird/Staff

'Yard Work: Annemarie Li works in Cherokee Road yard as her 2-month-old daughter, Madison, snoozes.'
1985. Tom Franklin/Staff

'Learning Early: Periwinkle and other flowers go into the ground in the front yard as Dorothy Parks shows grand daughter Carrey Parks how to make new plants feel at home. The earth work is going on at Parks's home on Benton Street in Monroe.'
1983. Cathy Ciucevich/Staff

'Brett Christian adds some pleasure to his job by listening to music on headphones while using a hose to clean off a sidewalk at the Reddman Pier Apartments in east Charlotte.'
1982. Art Gentile/Staff

'Alton Goss works in flower bed.'
1981. Tom Franklin/Staff

'Teamwork: Elizabeth Lee, 9, and James Allen Lee, 6, do a little yard work at their Monroe home recently.'
1982. Cathy Ciucevich/Staff