Monday, November 10, 2014

1961 NC Trade Fair

Lots of long-time Charlotte companies were pushing their wares

   Ronald Reagan came to speak, Miss Universe loved her some RC Cola, and there used to be 
a cafeteria at Central and Pecan?



Mr. T said...
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Justin Bibier said...
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Anonymous said...

Wish we could actually read some of the articles you post on here, but even after clicking on them, they're way too small to see.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:10 - I'm sorry that these images can't be enlarged! I think it has to do with the format I had to use. Maria

Anonymous said...

Ronald Reagan came to speak ...

Reagan a former college football player in IL was pres of the Actors Guild at the time and ran for CA gov the next year. Maybe that inspired him.

John Wayne a CA native played for Univ Southern Cal and pres of the Guild and good pals with RR. Wayne made 250 top cowboy movies. Wayne and Reagan were conservative or so they said.

Both were Hollywood party animals in their younger days and said to be bad about wife swapping with each other...

Reagan considered the best pres in history. Wayne considered the best actor ever.

Anonymous said...

Playboy actors Reagan and Wayne were filthy rich and had any starlet they wanted in Hollywood anytime they wanted. That was well known fact.
They lived in conservative Orange County in affluent Newport Beach but it was no convent by any stretch. Just the opposite.

Both actors straightened up supposedly after each divorced and remarried a tough broads and joined the GOP if you believe that.
Word was they still had to knock the babes off with a stick.
Reports were Nancy was so jealous she would slap Ronnie in the back of the head if she caught him looking too long.