Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Babe Ruth in Charlotte

   The 'Sultan of Swat' made several visits to the Queen City in the 1920's including a Yankees vs. Charlotte Hornets exhibition game in 1929.  Take a look!

(Did you know the 1920's Observer referred to the Hornets as the 'Insects' and 'Bugs', too?)


                                                             April 8, 1920


                                                                 April 6, 1926


April 8, 1926


                                                           April 9, 1926

Wait a minute. 'Lying almost covered by a sheet and thoroughly uncovered by anything else'? 

Wikipedia says:'Other team names used by the franchise that would finally be called 'the Dodgers' were: the Grays, the Grooms, the Bridegrooms, the Superbas and the Robins.'

                                                 June 6, 1926


                                                 April 7, 1928


April 12, 1929

(Spoiler alert -- the Hornets lost to the Yankees)

April 13, 1929


    'New York Yankees Hall of Famer Babe Ruth at Belmont Abbey with Father Norbert McGowan. The photo was taken in April, 1929.' Courtesy of Art Shoemaker


bud said...

nice articles on the Babe,didn't know he had been to Charlotte that many times,Wearn field was on S. Graham st. behind where Little'sHardware is now.

Maria David said...

Bud - thanks for reading! I'm getting conflicting info on where Wearn Field is. Some say it was near West Blvd/Wilmore/S Mint Street area. Am trying to find documentation!

Anonymous said...

Also good to see Legette Blythe's byline and the Babe over at the Abbey. The ad for Ed Mellon's Hickey Freeman suits was quite familar as my father sold those suits at Mellon's in the first block of E. Trade St for many years. Downtown Charlotte was a happening place before it was gradually leveled.

Maria David said...

Anon 8:35- thank you for taking time to post a comment! Very cool about Mellon's! Maria