Monday, November 24, 2014

Charlotte's first escalator, 1923

Efird's North Tryon Street store opened on September 23, 1923. 

The emporium boasted the first escalator south of Philadelphia and mentioned it in every ad! 

The building was purchased by Belk in the 1950's and became their flagship store. 


October 21, 1923
'I'll say it's the snake's hips!' I love that! Is that like the bee's knees?


Efird's on left, with clock. Mid-'20s.
120-126 N. Tryon St.

Another view, 1923. Courtesy Charlotte Meck Public Library.



These two are called 'advertorials' - the caption and story look like 
news reports but they are really advertising.

May 28, 1924


June 17, 1923


September 23, 1923


October 17, 1923


October 21, 1923


December 3, 1924

Did you find the word 'escalator' in the Christmas ad?


Anonymous said...

Building still exists (shocking!), but I'm assuming the escalator is no more?

Anonymous said...

i love the "made in the carolinas" expo.

Anonymous said...

Building does not still exist. Bank of America Corporate Center is on site.