Saturday, November 8, 2014

Charlotte during WWII

What was life like for Charlotte women during World War II?

Like Evangeline many women found work supporting the war effort, taking on traditionally male duties.


'All Girl Revue, the first of the USO-Camp Shows in the country.'

Women drill as motor corps cadets. Charlotte Air Base.



It was huge news when U.S. Rubber built a shell-loading plant in Charlotte!

'The shell-loading plant, run by the U.S. Rubber Co., employed at its peak 10,000 people, 70 percent women and one-third black, said historian Stephen Dew, who wrote a book about Charlotte's role in World War II.'

Very reminiscent of the iconic Rosie the Riveter image 
(which was originally a Westinghouse poster titled 'We Can Do It!'.)

June, 1945, just before war ended 

Their wants, left to right:  a refrigerator, a lawnmower, and 'eligible men'!



Anonymous said...

"Charlotte The Wholesale Center of the Carolinas!


I actually like it better than "Charlotte's Got a Lot." [ick]