Thursday, December 11, 2014

Lucky Strike Bowling Alley

Entrepreneur catered to women bowlers who played 'Duckpin'

The photo of ladies bowling with small balls caught my eye while looking for something else on microfilm. It turns out Charlotte had a bowling alley on the second floor of 21 North Tryon Street.  'Lucky Strike Bowling Alleys' opened in 1928 and appears to have closed sometime after January, 1931.

Update: Reader John Blythe comes to the rescue again! 
He thinks the bowling alley was between the old Kress' and Ivey's on North Tryon.

Wikipedia says Duckpin is similar to bowling but the ball has no holes and the pins are squatter.


January 1931


November 25, 1928


December 2, 1928


December 6, 1928


December 8, 1928


March 13, 1929


December 25, 1929


January 24, 1930


January 24, 1930


Anonymous said...

WTF? Lassies?

1st warning before sensitivity class.
For future empathy training be more selective with 1931 non-pc offensive labels for women bowlers.

Was Lassie not some dumb old b&w tv show with lil Timmy's hero girl dog star? The law gives one free bite.

This stuff is what sparks political unrest protest marches arson riots mayhem tear gas arrests etc.

PC Police

Maria David said...

PC - you wouldn't believe the old stories I will never post here!