Monday, December 15, 2014

New Coca-Cola Bottling Plant Opens, 1931

The new Coca-Cola Bottling Plant opened on West Morehead Street on January 20, 1931, moving from its original home on S. Church.

The lovely Art Deco building still stands and is on the National Register of Historic Places - 
photo below.

(You may be able to enlarge the images by clicking on them once, twice or even three times. 
Unfortunately, scans from our very old microfilm are often hard to read. 
I hope you can at least enjoy the ads and layout as much as I did!)

Courtesy of Char-Meck Historic Landmarks Commission


(The Observer did not cover the actual opening of the plant.)


tarhoosier said...

As a boy it was so much fun to find the name of city where the bottle of Coca Cola was from. It was on the bottom of the small 7 ounce bottle. Also the cap had a cork liner that could be used for sundry entertainment. All those of my age will recall.

Maria David said...

tarhoosier - how fun! Tx for reading.

Anonymous said...

Coca Cola invented in 1885 used extract from the coca leaf aka cocaine later replaced by caffeine and same with Pepsi that used coca extract founded in 1893.

Cocaine was a legal energy drug of choice for thousands of years until the 1930s and Prohibition. Hemp was used to make rope products until the 40s.

The Founders snorted ground tobacco aka snuff laced with cocaine as recreational use and most all war participants used these products for pain.
Even Lincoln was a known heavy cocaine user. His pics reflect it. It was common for ancients to use coca extract to temper pain or depression. Lincoln was manic depressive.

Even the xian messiah 2k yrs ago was prob given coca or hemp for pain after glass tipped leather whippings, torture and crucifixion.

Natural drugs from mother earth were extensively used as 2nd nature until the 20th century when they were criminaized.

Have a coke.

White Plains

Maria David said...

Nicely done, Greenberg! Tx for the history!

Chris said...

A friend of mine told me about this post. I'm a great-granddaughter of J. Luther Snyder and granddaughter of George Snyder. Can't wait to read all of these articles and share with my sons!

Maria David said...

Chris - it's comments like this that make my day! Your fam is as old Charlotte as it gets. Maria

Anonymous said...

uhhhh ... dont ya think these so called harmless natural "earth" drugs and pain relievers may have been outlawed because of the invention and mass production of the Henry Ford internal combustion engine cars ? or drinking and driving too ? ...
duhhhhhh ...

kind of hard to get killed riding a horse or horse and buggy or stagecoach stoned on coca or pepsi ......
on 2nd thought ... maybe not ...