Friday, December 5, 2014

The Oriental Restaurant

The Oriental Restaurant opened in 1924 to rave reviews!

   The original Oriental Restaurant was located at 303 West Trade Street between Poplar and S. Mint. It was so popular that in 1928 the Oriental moved to a larger location up the street, nestled snugly between the Selwyn Hotel and the S & W Cafeteria.  'When you entered the Oriental, with its vivid Chinese red color, you felt as if you were in China the minute you walked in. It was 'Oriental' from the atmosphere to the scent,' said John Belk of Belk Store Services in 1995.

   In 1966 a late-night kitchen grease fire raced through the restaurant. After 40 years as the Oriental's home, the Trade Street building had to be razed. The partners moved the establishment to a site on Independence Boulevard near Morningside Drive. That building was demolished to make way for the widening of Independence Boulevard. And so the Oriental is no more.

September, 1924


The restaurant moved 30 West Trade Street in 1928.

'On account of the large increase in our business we have been compelled to secure larger and more modern quarters to meet the demands of our trade.'



Anonymous said...

Back in the 60s when my Mom and Dad used to got to Charlotte to eat "Chinese", their favorite place was the Oriental. They would get all dressed up and go with friends. Mom would dab on her favorite perfume, Joy, and fix frozen tv dinners. A great memory.