Monday, October 13, 2014

1956 Charlotte Telephone Directory

A look inside Charlotte's 1956 Telephone Directory

The Observer librarians jotted notes all over the cover just like we did at home!

What's this about Postal Unit Zones?


Loretta Petus said...

I went to work on monday june 4 th 1956 for the southern bell telephone company. I had just graduated friday june 1st. I worked 13 years in thier accounting b department.

Loretta Smith Pettus

Maria David said...

1956 - What a coincidence, Loretta! Tx for the comment. -Maria

Anonymous said...

Who knew answering machines were around in 1956? They were rather large though. Cool stuff.

Maria David said...

Anon - I thought the same thing about answering machines. I had no idea! - M

Leslie Lim said...

Nice post. I enjoy reading your article. I found new ideas and very good information. I will come back for the next post. Thank you.


Gray Little said...

I have had the December 1957 on the shelf beside my desk for years. Its fun to look up old company's ads.