Friday, October 17, 2014

'Souvenir' magazine

'A Bicentennial Salute to Charlotte'

In March, 1968, the Observer and News printed this magazine which included some stories
and lots of ads. Thanks to Observer graphic artist David Puckett for sharing!


The 'Heart of Charlotte' Motor Inn was located at 3815 N. Tryon Street. 
Now Hope Haven treatment facility.
The Branding Iron was at 2104 S. Blvd. There's a branch of Yadkin Valley Bank there now.

'No drink boxes more than 18 inches long permitted in Grandstand.'
Today's limit is 14".

Big Ways always had a sense of humor. 'Three years old'!


Anonymous said...

I forgot about Bost's bread...found out they phased it out back in 2000.

gulmina khan said...

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Alicia Greene said...

I have two of these magazines and two of the Volume 2 September 1968 issues, very fun to look at

Maria David said...

Alicia - they're fun, right? Tx for reading! Maria

Scott G. said...

I have one of these magazines... Does anyone know their value?