Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hornets' first game, November 4, 1988

    Opening night November 4, 1988 was a formal affair - tuxedos, evening gowns, spotlight introductions. It was the Hornets' home debut and standing in a tunnel connecting the court to the team locker rooms NBA commissioner David Stern marveled at the sellout. The Charlotte Coliseum, with 23,000-plus seats, was designed to attract ACC and NCAA tournaments. Stern was initially concerned it was too big to create demand for tickets. Everything about that night was perfect except, well, the game itself. The Cleveland Cavaliers thumped the expansion Hornets by a score of 133-93. As the beaten players started walking toward the tunnel something remarkable happened - a spontaneous standing ovation from the fans - long, warm and sincere. - Rick Bonnell, Charlotte Observer Sports Columnist

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  'George Shinn addresses the crowd before the start of the Charlotte Hornets game against the Cleveland Cavaliers.'  Bob Jordan/Staff

'On Nov. 4, 1988, the Hornets opened their first regular season with a game against
 the Cleveland Cavaliers.' Bob Leverone/Staff

'Kurt Rambis runs onto the court to recieve a high-five from Muggsy Bogues 
during opening night game of the Hornets.' 
Jim Gund/Staff

 'Opening night. Charlotte became a big-league city when the Hornets took the court on Nov. 4, 1988. A 40-point loss couldn't prevent a standing ovation.' Staff


Front page, November 4, 1988


1988-1989 Roster

Brian Rowsom

Robert Reid

Rex Chapman

Muggsy Bogues

Earl Cureton

Dell Curry

Dave Hoppen

Michael Holton

Tim Kempton

Kurt Rambis

Kelly Tripucka

Ricky Green

Ralph Lewis


James Edgar said...

I remember it like it was yesterday. I had been in Charlotte about 2.5 months (moved here from Ohio to attend UNCC). Didn't have a ticket, but I watched every second of the TV broadcast. The starting 5 were Kurt Rambis, Kelly Tripuka, Dave Hoppen, Rex Chapman and Ricky Green. (Incidently, Greg Kite and Sidney Lowe weren't on the opening night roster; they were late-season additions to the team.) Tripuka scored the first basket. We were only down a few points entering the second quarter. The Cavs stretched it out a bit in the second, then completely demolished us in the third. Nobody left. A great night.

Anonymous said...

James Edgar- thanks for the great comment! And I'll take Kite and Lowe down. ☺

Anonymous said...

Thanks George ... Great team there.

You sold all your 50 tech schools and stuck your neck out for this former sports dead town who was supposed to only get a Golden Arches franchise and never an NBA team per a Phoenix AZ Sports Editor.
Thanks for hammering that one out way back with Stern in NY.

And thanks for the Triple A team too. That was your brain child too.
That led to the NFL team also.
Too bad the Observer Sports Dept ran you off to New Orleans.

Good luck with the cancer treatment ...

City Club

Anonymous said...

pro sports in general was many times better back then and had no thugs criminals or scammers. its been downhill for the past 20 yrs. consumers pay for these zillionaire spoiled brats playing kids games with trillion dollar cable contacts ripping america a new one.
same for college sports corruption and dont even mention the unc chapel hill academic fraud.

just say no to pro and college sports
rip off mafia racket!!!!