Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Carolina Theater Preview, 1927

All of Charlotte was excited about the grand opening of the Carolina Theater on North Tryon Street.

And more exciting news was reported yesterday about plans to restore the building:

Here are some images from a special Observer section on March 4, 1927, heralding the original project.


 Ray Albino is correct spelling.



Anonymous said...

Mr. Ray Albino & Band look like they are in blackface. (eek!) In that era, it was a common thing I guess. One thinks of Al Jolson...

I hope this project can save or restore as many of the original details as possible. Some of the earlier reporting seemed to suggest that the Foundation for the Carolinas was not interested in an authentic restoration. But the firm announced yesterday has a great reputation for correctly restoring old movie palaces.

MacGyvr said...

To be honest, there is very little there to restore. Everything will be recreations. Is it even worth doing?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's worth doing.

First of all, most restorations, whether commercial or residential are in fact recreations.

Secondly, there is considerably generous private money, so almost no public funds are being used.

Finally, the Carolina Theater is an emotional touchstone for many Charlotteans of a certain age. I'm surprised that there has been no mention of the nearly 2-year run of The Sound of Music in the mid-1960s. This newly-restored theater will be both the centerpiece of a new development while providing that ineffable quality we call historical character that Charlotte's uptown, while quite impressive in new things, sorely lacks.

So yes, it's worth doing. It's been worth doing for nearly 40 years. Thank goodness it wasn't torn down and let's get on with it!