Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hornets, the originals!

These former Hornets are in town for BuzzFest

I hope these pix bring back memories for Reid, Gminski, Tripucka, Newman AND us fans.

'This foul by the Clippers' Danny Manning yielded a three-point play for J.R. Reid and the Hornets during a furious second-quarter comeback.'
Jan., 1990. Gary O'Brien/Staff

'L-R, Kelly Tripucka, Kurt Rambis and Robert Reid: Stars of the first season.'
Nov., 1988. Staff

'Kelly Tripucka collides with and fouls Houston's Sleepy Floyd trying to get a steal.'
Dec., 1988. Jim Gund/Staff

'Charlotte's Kelly Tripucka (7) fires a pass out of Chicago's defense played by Horace Grant (54) and Michael Jordan (23).'
Feb., 1989. Bob Leverone/Staff

 'JOHNNY ON THE SPOT: Johnny Newman of the Charlotte Hornets sails down the lane for a slam dunk against the Chicago Bulls in Friday night's NBA season opener for both teams at the Charlotte Coliseum. The Bulls won in overtime 124-123.'
Nov., '93. Bob Leverone/Staff


For some reason I can't find any photos of Gminski playing for the Hornets --- they're somewhere!

'Duke center Mike Gminski blocks a drive by UNC's Al Wood during 
action in Chapel Hill in 1980.'
1980. Scott Sharpe/Staff (News & Observer)


'New York's Patrick Ewing(33) dives on top of Charlotte's Johnny Newman (22) as Newman gets control of a loose ball in the second half.'
May, '93. Bob Leverone/Staff

'J.R. Reid celebrates two of his six early points and a Hornets lead that reached nine. In the end, Dennis Rodman and the Bulls outscrapped Charlotte.'
May, '98. Patrick Schneider/Staff


Go Hornets! said...

Nice stuff guys. Can't wait for opening night! Go Hornets!!

Anonymous said...

Was the last photo's caption a typo? It said Reid collecting 6 points for Charlotte in 1998. I thought he was here only for a couple years, starting in about 1989. Thanks for the clarification.

Maria David said...

Anon 4:13 - thank you!!!! I'll fix that typo. (I knew I was gonna do that, lol) - Maria

Anonymous said...

Nope, it was right the first time. JR played a few years here, was traded and then ended up coming back in 1997 as a free agent. That picture is definitely from the second stint - can tell by the jersey.

Maria David said...

Tx, Anon 4:47! Crazy day! Maria

Anonymous said...

Buzz is Back

Anonymous said...

JR Reid played here on 2 different stints. This picture is from the second time because of the number 7. He wore this number the second go around. Not sure of the dates.

Anonymous said...

Where's Muggsy?