Monday, July 7, 2014

Apartments then and now

   A few of these places haven't changed much since 1984, while others are worse for wear. 

(I could use some help identifying a couple of things below - thanks!)

Changed name to Ashley Place Apartments. 
(I think these were torn down for Independence Blvd. widening.)


Now Brentwood Apartments (is that right?)


Where are these? Anybody know? That description is really vague...
Twitter follower says:  'Found Woodwinds Ln on Google Maps near Archdale & Old Pineville. Number for Emerald Bay Apt matches the Woodwinds ad.'  
Thank you, @thephilsanford!

Now Camden Foxcroft Apartments.


Still there, still Wildwood!


Wasn't a man caught spying on his downstairs neighbor here  through a peephole he drilled in the floor?  Long time ago. That's 'adult living' for sure. 

I think these are Eagle's Walk Apartments now.


Teal Point Apartments now.


I went to parties here as a UNCC student, early '80s.
Now called Townes at University Pointe.


Still there... (Thanks, Anon 10:51!)


Still there! Same name.


Now Country Club Apartments.


Anonymous said...

Dilworth Place:,-80.846839,3a,68.8y,111.61h,86.86t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sCrDOH1jWvjsN5R6GBk2Upw!2e0

Susan Walker said...

We lived in Countryside Apartments back in 1972-73, when they were relatively new. I'll never forget the trendy green shag carpet and what we affectionately referred to as the "marijuana-leaf" wallpaper in the dining room!

Jemmy Ellen said...

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