Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mountain Memories

   Some cooling photos of our beautiful North Carolina mountains. 

As a camp counselor at Our Lady of the Hills Catholic camp in Hendersonville I took plenty of field trips, including to Sliding Rock.

Did you go to summer camp in the mountains?

Did you make lanyards? LOL!

'On a warm Spring day, youngsters scoot down Sliding Rock Falls near Asheville. The 50-foot drop down the smooth rock on Looking Glass Creek provides perfect recreation in the Pisgah National Forest.' 
1972. Staff

We took our campers here all the time! The hot showers were the best.

'Sometimes in Fall, A Boy Can See Forever ... this panorama, near Linville Falls, will soon return.'
1974. Staff

'Fishing season lasts through Oct. 31 on the Cherokee Indian Reservation in Western North Carolina.'
1971. Charlie McCray/Staff 

'Conestee Falls near Brevard attracts thousands of tourists annually.'
1972. Staff

'A vast expanse of valley country is spread below Jump-Off Rock near Hendersonville, N.C.'
Undated. NC State Motor Club photo.  

Good place for an 'accidental fall'.

'On a late November afternoon here in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Blowing Rock, the peaceful world of Price Lake soothes our anxieties. It might almost be Walden Pond a century ago; something of Thoreau's tranquility is here. Wars are waged, then fade to silence. Disasters dash our dreams, our world, but the world goes on and memory dims. Crises come and go. Not even mountains are eternal, but the earth outlasts us by so much that we think of them as being so. Such scenes as this are like the stroke of a cool, loving hand on a fevered brow. The cold, clear air; the smooth surface of the lake; this is peace.'
1974. Jim Wilson/Staff.   

Wow. There is nothing left to say. Literally nothing left.


Anonymous said...

I grew up in Charlotte and went to Camp St. Mary's, near Parris Island, SC. Our church (St. Peter's) participated in a "cash for trash" contest that Big WAYS radio sponsored to raise money for the camp. We saved bread bags and pop tops from soft drink cans by the thousands and our church was able to send a busload of us to the camp for a week.

Maria David said...

Anon - what a great program! Big WAYS the best.