Monday, July 28, 2014

Providence Road Sundries and others

   I came across this odd pocket of photos and thought I'd share. The image of the old railroad building is intriguing...

'Providence Road Sundries at 1522 Providence - hamburgers and beer, but no sundries.' 1979 
Elmer Horton/Staff

 Robert Hall clothing store, 1977. Staff
I think this was on Wilkinson Blvd.

'East Boulevard: Filling Stations Can Be Recycled.' 1975. Staff
Berrybrook Farms is there now at intersection with Kenilworth. 
Anyone remember a service station before that?

'Park Manufacturing Co. building on Arlington Avenue.' 1978. Staff
Razed in 1998 to make way for The Arlington condos.

'The sign on this small railroad building in North Carolina announces the city, but hardly in grand style. Weeds surround it, and a passenger might get a pretty glum image of the town from it. Charlotte's main train station several blocks away is somewhat more in keeping with the Queen City's stature.' 1980
Bob Brown/Staff
There is no way this building is still standing. Is it?

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