Friday, July 18, 2014

WBTV turns 65

   Currently the oldest television station located between Richmond and Atlanta, WBTV first signed on the air on July 15, 1949. Happy 65th anniversary, WBTV! You're an important part of Charlotte history.

What are your memories of the station? I loved 'Those Were The Years' hosted by Mike McKay, late at night. He showed old TV episodes (followed by a movie?). Steely Dan's 'Reelin' in the Years' was the theme song. 

July 15, 1949, The Charlotte News

July 16, 1949, The Charlotte News

Undated. 1950's?

  'Bob Bean, second from left, joins Clarence Etters, Jeanne Alexander and Jim Patterson to broadcast the live "Studio Party" show.
Undated. Courtesy of Robert D. Raiford

Betty Feezor, 1962.

From our 'Television Cameras' file. Dated March, 1962.
I'd love some information!

Doug Mayes, 1966

'The WBT Briarhoppers on the Fred Kirby Show, WBTV in Charlotte, 1976 left to right: Jim Patterson, Hank Warren, Claude Casey, Shannon Grayson, Arval Hogan, Don White Roy Grant, Bill Davis, Fred Kirby.' Photo courtesy of Dwight Moody.

 Mike McKay, 1979.
I answered phones at the 1977 Boys Town Auction!

Bob Inman, 1987

 'Veteran TV newsman Mike Cozza, his box of supplies under his arm, hustles into the WBTV newsroom as he prepares to edit some videotape.' 2000. Christopher Record/Staff


The WBT Briarhoppers said...

Clarence Etters was an original member of the Briarhoppers, joining in 1934! The Briarhoppers continue today and will celebrate their 80th anniversary as a band on august 30 at the Loonis McGlohon Theater.

King Ward said...

" 'Currently' the oldest television station station located between Richmond and Atlanta. Suppose you explain to me how that could ever change without the station going off the air.

Maria David said...

King Ward - I 'curated' that info from Wiki and I see your point! Tx.

The WBT Briarhoppers said...

Great article! On the BHopper photo, the bass player is Big Bill Davis, not Bill David. I do type "David" sometimes!

Maria David said...

Glad you like it BHopper! I fixed the spelling of Davis. My last name is David so I typed that ... Tx!

The Westate said...

I remember watching PM Magazine back in the 80s before Bob went to radio and Moira went on to other things as well.

Still a fan of Carolina Camera, but I love the old classic episodes.

James Edgar said...

When I got here in '88, Bob Inman and Sara James were the news anchors, Mike McKay on weather and Paul Cameron on sports. I wish I could remember the name of the segment Inman would do that centered around Southern culture. One time he discussed Southern measurements, such as "over yonder" and "about yea long." Funny stuff.

And dig that program lineup that included "sign-off." I love to tell young people that there was a time when TV channels went off. And that there were only 4 of them!

Susan Walker said...

I'm still upset that their first location, the Wilder Building in downtown Charlotte, was torn down!