Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Red Magic Section, 1927

A Sunday section of puzzles and past-times for children

  ' 'Red Magic'.  These pages are called the Red Magic Section and were advertised prior to their appearance as pages personally edited by Harry Houdini, President of the Society of American Magicians. Red, this magic section was red with ink. Magic this section was not, save as parlor tricks and picture puzzles are magical. One was not taught how to exorcise satanic presences, to stir a cauldron fraught with 'eye of newt and tongue of toad,' to draw a charmed circle or utilize the mystical phases of the moon. 'Magic' was used in its popular, journalistic sense in naming the new section.' - Time magazine; November, 1924.

Can you solve the puzzles? Answers are at the bottom!



Scary looking Pelican.

They didn't run the solution to the maze --- maybe no one could figure it out!