Friday, September 19, 2014

Festival in the Park - the first!

Happy 50th Anniversary, Festival in the Park!

Who could have known it would last? Here are glimpses 
of news coverage from the very first one in 1964.

An ad ran on the front page of the News -- unusual!


Anonymous said...

I love that the logo and font are the same - they still hold up after all these years!

Anonymous said...

זה היה זמן נהדר כשזה היה בחיתוליו ואנחנו נהנינו זה מאוד ואילו בשרלוט ולפני שחזר לישראל, אבל לכל דבר יש לסיים לפעמים כפי שאנו מכירים. אנו מעריכים את העיר שלך מאוד וזה היה הרבה יותר בטוח שם מאשר כאן בארץ זבת חלב והדבש שיהוה נתן לאנשים שלנו לפני ארבעה אלף שנה לאחר ארבעה מאה שנים של עבדות.
הגדה המערבית משפחת גולדשטיין תברך אותך

Maria David said...

Anon 7:23 - I thought the same thing! In fact I'm going to see what I can find about the origin of the logo. Thanks for sparking the idea! Maria

Anonymous said...

I wish they would commission a new poster every how they do at really large festivals (Munich's Oktoberfest is a good example). They do have "posters" at information desks, but they are not attractive and have been re-using them year after year.

Anonymous said...

I attended the first Festival in the Park as a Cub Scout in 1964. I forget why we were there as a Pack but I remember the excitement!

It's wonderful-to me, anyway-that the logo and font haven't changed since that first event. In a city that regularly hears (bogus) complaints of "no history," well, here's a little.

Anonymous said...

Those were the days! It was really about art then - not just trying to sell something or promote a cause.