Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hurricane Hugo Aftermath

If you were in Charlotte when Hugo blew through on Friday, September 22, 1989 these scenarios will look familiar to you.


In the days following Hurricane Hugo did you: 

Grill out to use the meat thawing in your refrigerator due to power outages?

Seek out grocery stores who had ice for the same reason?

Buy/borrow/use a chainsaw to clean your yard/street/neighbor's yard? 

Wait in line for gas or batteries? 

I did!

'David Johnson of Charlotte inspects chainsaws at Charlotte Pawn Shop on Wilkinson Blvd. Saturday. Robert Mahaffey said the store had sold more than a dozen chainsaws by 11 a.m. Saws cost$120 - $200.'
Meredith Hebden/Staff

'Lines of cars jockey for position at the Petro Express on Independence Blvd. on Saturday.'
Bob Leverone/Staff

'Buck and Elizabeth Laurimore queue up at the A&P at Providence and Queens Roads. The management was letting people in one at a time to shop.'
Art Gentile/Staff

A family in Chantilly neighborhood eats dinner without electricity.
Gary O'Brien/Staff

'Harris Teeter employee hangs sign advertising they'd received a shipment of ice. The store on Cherry Rd. in Rock Hill got in 1500 bags of ice Tuesday morning.'
J. Allen/Staff

Want more? Here's a whole slideshow! Hugo slideshow


Anonymous said...

nice trick for the effects to pretend color film wasnt yet invented in 1989

dont forget the amazing lack of qc national media coverage with only a small article in time mag caption "still smiling"

the world class classic historical french huguenot port city of charleston sc hogged 99% of media attention nationally and worldwide with hugo's massive cat 5 162 mph winds roaring ashore and barometric pressure at an incredible 916 kb
flooding the entire famous downtown shopping district/300 year old antebellum homes.

Anonymous said...

Only 5 pics? Come on Observer...we want more!!!

Maria David said...

Anon 7:22 - our photogs shot black and white then. We rarely if ever ran color back then.

Anon 9:32 - LOL! I just posted link to a slideshow at the bottom of this post.