Thursday, September 4, 2014


The annual Greek Festival is this weekend. Save room for baklava!

September 4th – 7th, 2014 

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral 
600 East Boulevard Charlotte, NC

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'George Kroustalis stays in step with the others.'
1982. Staff.

'The Greek Festival will have 150 different varieties of foods says Chef Antonios Vasilas, as the puts the finishing touches on an authentic Greek dish called 'Chicken Kokinisto Kapama.'
1988. Michelle Agins/Staff

'D. N. Polyzos puts last-minute touches on the decorations for the Greek Festival.'
1978. Tom Franklin/Staff

'Bakers Dina Mahairas (left) and Christine Diamaduros dip cookies called melomakarona into honey and then into nuts.'
1982. Bill Billings/Staff

'Left to right, Gloria Katopodis, Johnny Apostolopoulos, Joanna Katopedis, Nick Ballas, Helen Chicklistas, Harry Stathopoulos, Celeste Andrews, Christine Katopodis.'
1982. Tom Franklin/Staff

'Horse of a Different Color: The Greeks may have used the original Trojan Horse to trick their enemies, but this incarnation of the famous equine at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral on East Boulevard is a beacon to draw patrons to the Yiasou '82 festival.'
1982. Fred Wilson/Staff

'Big crowds gathered Thursday for the opening of the Greek community's sixth annual Yiasou Festival. The festival offers a sampling of Greek foods to eat there or to tke home, as well as a variety of crafts, Greek dance and music.'
1983. Fred Wilson/Staff

'Pans of Baklava wait to be eaten at the 1999 Yiasou Greek Festival at 
the Holy Trinity Church on East Blvd.'
1999. Todd Sumlin/Staff


Bessie C. said...

Maria, great article and just as I had posted how much I wish I could be in Charlotte for the festival...a friend sent me this article and there I was retro as ever (and skinny LOL) in 1982 posing with the finished Trojan Horse....thanks for the memories!
(Bessie Demopoulos Christophilakis - Markham Ontario Canada)

Maria David said...

Bessie, I love it when someone sees themselves in a photo! Your name wasn't on back of the pic but you look great, lol! - Maria