Friday, September 5, 2014

Mrs. Keelan, Part 4: Five years later

(Part 4 of 4)

'County's 300,000th Citizen Now Calls Charlotte Home'

Did the Keelan family stay in Charlotte? 

The Charlotte News checked in with them five years later.

(Public records indicate that some of the family still lives in Charlotte today!)

By Larry Keith, News Staff Writer  
June 19, 1968

   Five years and two children later, the Keelans of Manhasset Rd. are no longer having to adjust to Charlotte.

 They like it fine, they plan to stay.

  'A lot has happened since then. We have two boys now, Doug, three, and Brian, two in nine days and Laura is five. I've just recently begun teaching a kindergarten class at First Presbyterian Church.'

     Doug, still traveling for Borden Chemical Co., plans to settle here for good. 

   'I always said that if I stayed in a place for at least four years I'd begin looking for a house to buy instead of rent,' he said. 'The way the family has grown we're going to have to move into a bigger place.'
   With plans as they are, the Keelans want to become more firmly a part of the community that showered them with hospitality five years ago.

   'I want to get back into social case work,' Mrs. Keelan said. 'That's what I prepared for a the University of Michigan. I've been able to do some work at Presbyterian Hospital and Alexander Children's Home but not like I really want to.'

   Doug hopes to get involved with Little League and to further his education.

   Five years ago the Keelans were adopted by Charlotte and today the feeling is mutual.


tarhoosier said...

With that photo I now know that I worked with Barb Keelan in CMS. She was in a position with Media Services or something like that. She was from Kalamazoo. She and I sang the Glenn Miller song:
Kay. Ay. L-A-M-A-Z-O-Oh-Oh-Oh what a girl, a real piperoo...
Yep, that is her.

Maria David said...

tarhoosier - thanks! I was kind of surprised no one commented that they knew any of the family. Appreciate ya! - Maria