Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Want Ads, 1924

Wednesday, September 17, 1924

Ninety years ago, these classified ads included homes for sale, a seach for a runaway boy, and employment at the Southern Power Company.


Anonymous said...

you can just hear them all whine about those outrageous prices in 1924 with the great depression just around the corner ..

"6900 for a 3 br outside toilet on scott av in dilworth no electricity or running water? what a rip off ... banks charge up to 1.0 % interest too? "

"7300 for a 10k sf 7 br in myers park with double outhouses? ? who do these crook builders and banks think they are? it prob will be worth less than 7300 90 yrs from now in 2014 too."

ps was the female sr citizen blog owner around in '24 to remember all this or just born ?

waxhaw nc

Murtaz Jadoon said...

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Michelle Langston said...

Loved reading these