Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mrs. Keelan, Part 3: 539 miles

(Part 3 of 4)

A story about the woman who guessed within one mile the air mileage between the 300,000th citizen's former residence and Charlotte. The Keelans moved here from Buffalo, NY.

By Mickey Blackwell, Oberver Staff Writer
June 20, 1963

   'Ah, you're just not telling the truth.'

  That was the initial reaction of Mrs. J. T. Hutchinson of 2223 Sarah Marks Ave. when she was notified that she had won $100 in an Observer-sponsored contest. She had pinpointed within one mile the air mileage between the former residence of Mecklenburg's 300,000th citizen and Charlotte.

   'I am the happiest person,' Mrs. Hutchinson said after she was convinced she had won the money. 
   When asked why she guessed 539, she said, 'It really just sort of came to me.'
   Mrs. Hutchinson is 65 years old. She is retired from Southern Railway and her husband was with Duke Power.
    'You know, I'm just getting ready to go on vacation Saturday,'' she said, adding that the extra money would enable her to enjoy the vacation even more. 

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