Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The 85th Mallard Creek Barbecue

Some fun ads, photos and ...

... a story about a huge owl in Oehler's chicken house the week of the very first barbecue.





October, 1976

Thursday, October 24, 1929
The first J.W. Oehler had a lot going on besides the first barbecue!


Anonymous said...

JW Oehler Sr was my great grandfather. JW Oehler Jr was my grandfather!
Lee Ann Oehler

Maria David said...

Lee Ann- what a legacy! Glad you saw this... Maria

tarhoosier said...

I think you are miscounting. Started in 1929 the 27th would have been in 1955. These are sequential events and not anniversaries.

lisa alexander shearin said...

I wonder if that old owl was the one I used to see mounted on my Grand daddy George Alexander's high boy, at the old house in Mallard Creek. It was huge looking to me but I was just a little kid.... Interesting story and I cherish my Mallard Creek childhood. Lisa