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1968 Wedding at Freedom Park


   A Wedding By The Lake

By June Hill, Women's News Reporter
Charlotte News, May 17, 1968

Betty Beaugail Ernest and David Robert Oberman were married yesterday to the tune of the rain pelting down at Freedom Park. Protected by the shelter just above the lake, they took their vows at noon while 20 guests looked quietly on.

   As if written by a poet, the ceremony flowed along in time to the rain and ended magically as the rain ended.
   The bride wore a simple dress of blue and white checked gingham, her feet were bare and her brown hair hung from a middle part to her waist.
  The only adornment was the silver necklace around her neck - a wedding present - with a peace symbol at the end. She wore no makeup.
   The bridegroom, towering over the bride in sandal clad feet, wore a flowered shirt, several strands of yellow and blue beads and a constant smile. He also had a peace symbol around his neck.

   After the ceremony guests threw rice and flower petals and presented the bride with a branch of roses. 
   There was no wine, no song, but it was a true reception in spirit for a very happy couple, who consider themselves two of the Free People.
   The new Mrs. Oberman explained that they had chosen to have their wedding in the park because 'we love the outside.' 
   As it was, five curious ducks wandered up to survey the situation but ignored in all the gaiety (but for a handful of rice thrown by one thoughtful guest), they returned to the water.
   The bride and groom will continue to live in Charlotte until they can save enough money to move to California.

'Jeff shows the newlyweds a picture taken at the wedding. Looking on is Shortic Nehrenberg.'

'Wedding guests David Watson, Mike Mallonee and Pam Roehrs chat at the
 informal reception after the wedding.'

Photos by Don Martin/Staff


Anonymous said...

Betty remarried and now lives in Asheville.

Anonymous said...

Did they ever get to California?

Anonymous said...

It looks like Shortic Nehrenberg smoked a little bit too much reefer.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of this article but would love it so much more if it caught up with the couple in present day.

Maria David said...

Anon 4:00 - excellent idea! Maybe I can pull that off in a future blog. Tx.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised to see these pictures after all these years. David and Betty[BeBe] did not stay together. It was a young and foolish time made up of dreams, no reality.